When are new items added to the CITI Shop? And how is it possible the items sell out so quickly?

This is probably the most asked question that we receive here at 92.1 CITI. We are trying to accommodate everyone with prizes, but our database continues to grow and once an item is featured in the CITI Shop, there’s no stopping how quickly our members use their points for the items. Unfortunately, we do not have a massive inventory of prizes, and we are trying to do the best with what we have.

I have recently won a contest with 92.1 CITI. Am I eligible for any other contests?

Yes & No. There are no rules as to how frequently you play the 92.1 CITI Empire Club…. however if you have recently won a prize on-air, please wait 30 Days before playing again.

I haven’t received any points for signing up. Why?

The reason for this may be because you haven’t entered the code that was provided in the first e-mail your received. You can enter this code and all others under Earn Points and clicking Bonus Codes. The first Code you’ll receive in the e-mail is “welcome”.

How can I collect my prize?

Visit our Prize Pick up page for details