Rock News

Rena is officially graduating to a Cougar later this month, Wheeler and Philly are trying to set her up a account!  It’s MAR10 day today, we’ll have some fun with the legendary Nintendo franchise, and Kelly Taylor (Not from 90210) dropped by the studio to promote his show at Rumors Comedy Club this weekend. […]

Talk about range!!  From Winnipeg to Pyongyang, 8 and 9 year old Ringette to NFL Free agency, ‘The Beatles’ to ‘Boys ll Men’.  We covered it all in today’s podcast!  Last word on this episode: Opera!

Details, details, details!  It’s all in the details!  Get the Hell Outta Here with Wheeler Philly and Rena!  Jets, UFC, and a couple more concert announcements contained in this collection of audio 1’s and 0’s.  If you never listen to the entire podcast, the last word in today’s podcast is “embarrassing”.

MONSTER TRUCK!!  Jon and Jeremy from the band stopped in before their show tonight at the Garrick.  Kelly Butler lends his opinion on Trump and Americans moving to Canada.

Monster Truck in studio before their show at the Garrick.  Kelly Butler adds his usual flava (flavah… flavoor?), we preview the new Ghostbusters trailer. And more evidence that the L.A.P.D. are from a different planet.

How long does one have to wait to talk about a TV show that aired?  is “SPOILER ALERT” enough?  World Cup of Hockey rosters announced; we discuss.

The latest and greatest DIY LifeHack ever!!  We try to understand the new cable rules set by the CRTC and how much you will/won’t be spending on your bill.

WTF is going on with the cop shop downtown?!?  Batley Kives from the Freep helps us understand.  Scotties Champ Chelsea Carey, and Phil recaps the NHL Trade Deadline.

We address the lily white Oscars and Chris Rock’s hosting.  NHL trade Deadline today… (more like flat-line Day), and it’s LEAP DAY!  Wheeler and Rena try to bury the hatchet.