Many people have claimed the title of ‘The Fifth Beatle’ over the years (Stu Sutcliffe, Klaus Voormann, Brian Epstein, Pete Best, Neil Aspinall, Derek Taylor, Andy White, Jimmy Nicol, Tony Sheridan, Murray the K, Jimmy Tarbuck the stand-up comedian, George Best the soccer player, an actual Volkswagen Beetle, Little Richard, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston).  One of the few who may have actually merited the title was longtime Beatles’ producer George Martin. who died yesterday at the age of 90. Check out this documentary, In My Life, which tells Martin’s story including his work with other artists (Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Cheap Trick, Celine Dion, Neil Sedaka and so on):

George Martin is not to be confused with George R.R. Martin, writer of the Game Of Thrones books A Song of Ice And Fire. He is still very much alive, and Season Six will continue as scheduled. In fact, they released a really obnoxiously manipulative teaser trailer which you can check out right here.