Through the Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund, Rogers is dedicated to providing opportunities to young leaders across Canada who are making a difference in their communities.

We invited you to tell us about someone you wanted us to consider for a $1,000 contribution towards their education.

Thanks to everyone that nominated someone! There are so many amazing nominations and deserving recipients.


Congratulations to Shayne Merrit who will take home a $1,000 contribution towards his education!

Shayne received multiple nominations. His unbelievable and outstanding dedication to his community sets him apart. Check out his nominations below.

Congratulations Shayne!


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Nomination from C. Toews:

In 2016, 17 year old Shayne Merritt decided to fight back against cancer. He created the “Curl for The Cure” bonspiel. He brought his community together, spent countless hours recruiting participants and volunteers, soliciting donations and sponsorships, promoting the event through newspapers and news stations. He attracted high-profile curlers Reid Carruthers and Derek Samagalski to the event. In the 3 years he has organized this event, he has raised over $37,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Shayne now sits on their Board of Directors for the Selkirk Curling Club and has doubled the junior membership for the club!


Nomination from M. Pritchard:

Shayne is a 19 year old U of W student going into his 3rd year studying to be a teacher. He started and organized the Curl for Cancer out of the Selkirk Curling Club raising  $37,000.00 over the last three years with all funds going to Cancer Care Manitoba, all while going to School and working part time to pay for tuition. Was asked to start , run and organize  the junior curling program started with 25 kids and now grew to 65 last year, also sits on the executive as second vice president, all this at Selkirk Curling Club and his time is all volunteer. He will also be working 2 jobs over this summer.


Nomination from K. Robinson:

Shayne started the Curl for the Cure event in Selkirk in 2016 as a 17-year old high school student. His goal was to raise donations for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). This event held its 3rd annual bonspiel this past February, with Shayne running the show. He organizes the curling rink time, advertising, volunteers to help out, and works with the CCS to get this of all done. In the 3 events, he has raised over $37,000. He is a super-happy guy who instills community and caring in all of his actions. Beyond this event, he also volunteers teaching young curlers how to play…and he started the Jr League at Selkirk. In times where curling clubs are struggling, here’s a young lad who is successfully breathing life into the game and the Club. Shayne is an incredibly driven and giving young man who aspires to be a teacher: he has taught many of us how to give enthusiastically…I can’t imagine the success he will continue to have with his future students and in his life!

I believe Shayne is very deserving of this generous scholarship, and thank-you for the opportunity to bring attention to this outstanding young man.


Nomination from K. McCallum:

Shayne has demonstrated superior leadership skills and an organizational ability beyond his years.  At the age of 18 he organized the first Curl for the Cure in our community to raise money for Cancer Care.  After 3 years, he has raised $37,000 through this event.  He is also the Vice-President of the Selkirk Curling Club, the Coordinator of the Junior program (which he helped to grow) and is now organizing a Doubles League at our Club.  All the while he studying towards an education degree at the University of Winnipeg and working part time.  Truly inspiring!


Nomination from K. Lopuck:

I had the pleasure of getting to know Shayne as his social studies teacher at Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School. Having had Shayne in my Global Issues class was an honour. His work consistently displayed that empathy, integrity, honesty, and accountability were extremely important to him. Over the past three years, Shayne has displayed an incredible commitment to his community by organizing the “Curl for the Cure” bonspiel in Selkirk, Manitoba. Since organizing the event for the first time in grade 12, Shayne has continued to host the event and has raised $37,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.


Nomination from S. Merritt:

I would like to nominate our Son Shayne, he is an amazing young man who started a project at the age of 17 in his global Issues class at the high school in Selkirk it  was a take action project which lead to a Curl for the Cure (bonspiel) his first yr he raised 8000,00 with a goal of 5000 second yr 11800 with a Gaol of 10,000 and this last yr he raised 17,300 Shayne has had numerous family and friends diagnosed with Cancer and he dedicates all of this to them with a 100 percent of the proceeds given to the CC Society his bonspiel is still going strong till this day every Feb he gets teams of 32 to come out to curl he runs the event ,he created this event, the support he gets is breath taking he is our inspiration everyday. He always runs a junior program and is a coach to all the kids he also has inter club that he also gives his time too and coaches the kids there too,Shayne is a Avid Curler curls four days a week also,Shayne has already told us his Goal for this yr for Curl for the Cure is to Reach 50,000 in total I hope u will consider him for this Scholarship he works very hard and never stops Giving Shayne has been on the News in the papers for Everything he does for not just the community but for Cancer he has been lucky to have many important people attend and give speeches to Curl for Cure such as the Mayor! Shayne Never puts himself first so I would like for him to know hard work truly pays off as he has shown all of us!! Never Stop Believin!!


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