Tool have released the track list for their upcoming album ‘Fear Inoculum’ and there will be two different versions, depending on how you listen to the album.

There are seven tracks on the physical album and 10 on the digital edition.

Physical edition
1. “Fear Inoculum”
2. “Pneuma”
3. “Invincible”
4. “Descending”
5. “Culling Voices”
6. “Chocolate Chip Trip”
7. “7empest”

Digital edition
1. “Fear Inoculum”
2. “Pneuma”
3. “Litanie contre la Peur”
4. “Invincible”
5. “Legion Inoculant”
6. “Descending”
7. “Culling Voices”
8. “Chocolate Chip Trip”
9. “7empest”
10. “Mockingbeat”


The songs are long, too, like Game-Of-Thrones-long. “7empest” clocks in at almost 20 minutes.

Fear Inoculum will be released August 30th.


– Jesse Tieman