Everett Innovation


Winnipeg R3C 1X6, CA


Made In Winnipeg! Made Local! 3D Print Local!
Local so, therefore not spreading virus from other ares.
Do you need keychains for your business with your business logo on it?
Made and delivered with Aseptic Techniques !
Local, On-Call 24/7, Pick-Up/Delivery, In-House.

3D Print, CAD, Invent, Draft, Scan, Photogrammetry; PC & Network Admin & Tech; Audio/Video Production, Mixing, Recording; Musician, Singer, Composer, Writer; Musical Gear and Instrument Tech & Repair, Modification, Customization, Set-Up & Intonation; Metal Wrapped Crystals; Studded Leather… Bracelets, Anklets, Chokers, Belts, Sandals, Guitar Straps.


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