Urbanmine Inc.


72 Rothwell Rd, Winnipeg, R3P 2H7, CA


We recycle metal, electronics, batteries, and catalytic converters. We weigh your metal and give you cash!

We redefined the scrap metal industry in 2007 and made a promise to do things differently. We knew we could improve metal recycling for you because we had 100 years of experience going back four generations.

We started with a promise to be honest and transparent. Then we built a clean, modern facility. We filled it with exceptional and friendly staff. We researched the safest and most environmentally friendly way to recycle your metals and electronics. We topped that off by continually offering the best price for your metals every day.

At urbanmine, we are serving customers one at a time and limiting the number of people in the building. We have designated customer waiting areas in the warehouse. We have marked the appropriate 2 meter spacing on the floor in the scale office while limiting the number of occupants to two. Similarly, we marked the proper areas to stand in our reception area. Some spaces, formerly open to the public, have been designated for staff only.


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